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Setia Precast is positioned as a one-stop IBS centre specialising in building high-rise apartments and commercial buildings utilising precast technology. Our long term partnership with one of the top precast builder in Japan, Taisei U-Lec (formerly known as Taisei Prefab) enables us to leverage on our counterpart's vast experience in engineering, research and development to establish our reputation as one of the Top Precast Builder in Malaysia.

We have a full-fledged in-house team that provides turnkey services for every stage from contract, design, production to construction. Our local team has the expertise to procure, conceive and re-engineer a conventional building into one that is buildable using precast technology without alternating the architect's desired facade and layout.

Our IBS System

Structural Features

This system naturally has high levels of stability, safety and performance in the face of external forces and other implied and dead loads based on the special jointing systems deployed into the precast components.

Load bearing walls are combined with shear keys, which are installed on the side edges and these are linked with horizontal bars that are anchored at the top of the side edge. The in-situ floor is supported by the wall panels at each floor level. (refer to diagram below)

The Merits of Precast System of Construction

Why is precast construction system fast gaining popularity and more favoured in the construction of apartments in the midst of labor shortage and higher quality expectation from clients? The answer is simply because it promises better cash flow, speed, quality, consistency and better safety features/measures.

  1. It utilizes a "tilt-up" method which offers a superior and consistent finished product.

  2. The completed apartments are aesthetically pleasing, as there are no beams and columns visible within the interior.

  3. The system used is labor efficient, thus reducing the use of general labor at construction stage. It has been proven that precast method reduces labour usage by as much as 30% compared to conventional method illustrated in Table 1. Due to the prevalent labor shortage in the country, precast method is one of the best options to overcome the problem.

  4. Improved Cash-flow Position for developer as illustrated in Figure 1.
    -> Based on the standard SPA, precast construction allows for 45% claim from purchasers within a period of two weeks upon the erection of panels, i.e. RC frames (15%), walls, doors, and window frame (10%), roofing and internal M&E (10%), and internal and external plastering (10%).
    -> By comparison, based on the conventional construction method, a similar claim can only be made on the 14th month, which is 10 months later compared to the precast method.

  5. Figure 1 Developer's Cash Inflows for a parcel of development

  6. Architectural features such as curved balcony, cornices, concrete gables and gutters and window hoods can be easily introduced, manufactured with factory standard consistency.

  7. Safety requirements implemented during construction stage :
    -> No perimeter netting required as the installed wall panel with the built-in window casement acts as permanent barrier.
    -> Cleaner work area as no major brickwork and plastering (wet trades) are required.
    -> Perimeter scaffolding is used only for lightweight duty like painting and sealant works, resulting in a safer work environment.